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Michelle Obama Took Over As A Pastor, Looks Like A Complete FOOL

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Michelle Obama Took Over As A Pastor, Looks Like A Complete FOOL

Ex-First Lady Obama officiated a wedding in Chicago. No one really knows why she was at the wedding or what her roll at the wedding really was but she grabbed the microphone and took over the role of the pastor.

Michelle Obama is a woman of many words and jobs. But her latest gig has nothing to do with politics. One couple was the beneficiary of her new work.

The former First Lady did the honors Saturday in Chicago for Stephanie Rivkin and Joel Sircus. The bride’s pop is the Deputy Mayor of Chicago and, as you know, Michelle has deep roots in Chi-Town.

“Michelle Obama is about to launch her stadium tour which should rival any rock band, but she has a much more intimate side hustle … officiating weddings.

TW … not that it’s relevant, but both the bride and groom graduated cum laude from Yale. Michelle will hit 10 U.S. cities for her stadium tour to launch the sale of her memoir, “Becoming.” The price of admission is crazy … it starts at $30 with the top price of $3k for a pre-show meet-and-greet.

As Reported By The Chicago Tribune:

While Obama’s true role in the wedding is unclear (the couple’s New York Times wedding announcement says they were married by “Robert M. Dresser, a friend of the couple who became a Universal Life minister for the event”), news got out about Obama’s reported appearance once an eager wedding guest posted an Instagram video of the former first lady with the couple at the altar.

TMZ first published the Instagram story, which has since been deleted.

It seems ironic that an Obama would take an ordained position at a wedding or any event. After their track record, it’s hard to believe the couple wanted this. According to reports at least some of the attendees were excited to see Michelle Obama at the wedding.

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