Mother and Toddler Kicked Off Plane for Not Wearing Mask During Asthma Attack (VIDEO)

This is one of those stories that is going to get your blood boiling, but they need to be heard because we can’t continue living like this.

The media and our own worthless POS government have created this culture where everyone is afraid of everyone and that they can only save their lives by taking a vaccine that is proving more harmful than helpful as of lately and by shaming other people.

American Airlines kicked off a mother and her 2-year-old son because he was being “non-compliant” by not wearing a mask while he was having an asthma attack.

I’m dead serious. The mother shared initially on Instagram:

I do not have the energy to type all the details right now… but I will in the next couple of days. We are finally in peaceful Colorado with my in-laws and I am very grateful for that. But my mom, Way & me just had the most humiliating/traumatizing experience because of a truly evil, power-tripping flight attendant named Carl @americanair.

I’ll spoil the ending: He had the plane turned around and has us escorted off to be met by police officers: WHY? Wait for it….. because my 2 year old was not properly wearing a mask…. Mind you, Way is asthmatic. We showed him a negative COVID test Way had yesterday. Told him he has asthma & has never worn a mask before. He did not care that this asthmatic child was literally hyperventilating.

I was not refusing a mask. Nor did I even say I wouldn’t try to keep a mask on my son. We were escorted off the plane as I was holding a mask over his little face. I genuinely don’t have words.

He got on the intercom to say to the entire plane, “I’m sorry for the delay but we are dealing with a non-compliant traveler.”

I’ll include the full description of the events that transpired at the bottom on this article if you’d like to read just how bad it was.

I don’t know about you, but this stuff gets me so angry. We have got to do better than this people. We have got to stop being cowards and stand up for people like this. We need to stand up against Carl. We need to stand up against American Airlines.


Full Story from the mother herself:

Okay, *deep breath* I posted these videos on my Instagram story earlier and the amount of messages from friends and a full inbox of messages from strangers has been truly overwhelming. I will post all the details here, and yes, you are welcome to share.
Today my mom, Waylon (my 2 year old son) and me flew American to stay with Michael’s parents in Colorado Springs for a couple of days. On the flight from OKC to Dallas, our flight attendant truly could not have been more kind or friendly. He was SO sweet to Waylon, and fully empathized with how difficult traveling with a toddler can be. Nobody once acknowledged that Way was not wearing a mask.


We boarded our flight from Dallas to Colorado Springs. Once the flight began lining up for take-off (which was taking off late as it was) we sat on the tarmac for about 40 minutes and a flight attendant named Carl approached me to say, “ma’am please contain your child, and pull up your mask” because I was letting Waylon walk between the row because my mom was on the other side. I calmly replied, “sorry I’m trying to spare these other passengers of inevitable screaming, and since we haven’t taken off yet, I was trying to let him move around a bit before I have to put him in his seat.” I also kept pulling up my mask that way naturally pulls down, and I also would pull on and off to eat crackers with Way (I feel CRAZY even having to explain these tiny “duh” details…but I have gotten so many messages & questions on Instragram that I want to put every detail I can on this post) He had ZERO understanding, zero empathy; blatant judgment. I am just going to assume Carl doesn’t have children, because I can’t imagine another parent would talk down to a mother traveling with a toddler like that. ANYWAY. I get waylon into his seat like he asked, and Carl comes back over.

Carl: “Ms. Pendarvis (guess he did his research?), how old is your son?”
“He is two.” (he turned 2 in July)
Carl: “Okay, well I will require that your son wear a mask through the remainder of this flight.”
“Okay, well he’s never worn one before and I can assure you he is going to fight it and scream, and I don’t know if the other passengers wants to sit through that…but okay, I will try my best.”
He says nothing.

I do just that. I’m trying to keep a mask on a 2 year old. He’s fighting it, crying, screaming. Another flight attendant passes my mom, she is a young woman and very friendly and understanding. My mom shows the woman his negative Covid test we got for him YESTERDAY, and told her he has asthma and asked if she would relay that to Carl…just in case we don’t have any luck getting the mask to stay on him. She said, “Absolutely…by the way, who said that to you? Was it HIM? (looks over at Carl in disgust like she has seen this behavior before)” She brought Carl the negative Covid papers, and came back and said, “I showed him, but..I’m so sorry. Just keep feeding him and try your best, but I GET IT.”

My son has never worn a mask before, he was tired and fidgety and I couldn’t get him to keep the mask on. It escalated to the point he was covered in sweat, hysterical, and kept screaming “nooo, mama, NO!!!!!” and he ripped a total of 3 different masks off of his face. At this point I’m literally just holding a broken mask over his face because I literally don’t know what else to do. He now is having difficulty breathing.
Carl keeps relaying everything to the pilot, and the pilot gets on the intercom for the first time to tell passengers, “well the hold up is now about a mask issue with a passenger and that the plane will be held until that is under control (cool….now I have a screaming toddler, and am being publicly shamed by the flight staff and am made to feel responsible for people having a delay getting to their next plane/destination)
Waylon had his first asthma attack 2 months ago ( but we have had a breathing machine in our home for him since he was around 5 mounts since his breathing has always been a concern when he gets sick) which landed us in Children’s hospital and he has been on a daily preventive inhaler as well as prescribed an emergency inhaler (which I take with me/him everywhere) since. The hysteria he had gotten himself to a point that warranted us using his emergency inhaler. It was AT THE POINT WE WERE GIVING MY CHILD A BREATHING TREATMENT that they get on the intercom and “okay, we are dealing with a non-compliant passenger and will be updating the plane shortly” (second time we get shamed on the intercom. Fantastic) It is at this point, we are officially asked to grab our bags and are escorted off the plane. A man behind us spoke up throughout all of this to Carl, telling him how INSANE and unacceptable his behavior was. We had other passengers mouth “I am SO sorry” and I “I feel so sorry for you guys” It was so awkward. One gentlemen, however, told Carl “I stand behind you” (what a gem, huh?)

The plane was dead quiet with all eyes on us as we grabbed our bags with a hysterical child. It was absolutely mortifying.
A friendly man escorts us off the plane to 3 police officers who were very clearly expecting to contain a hysterical anti-masker who was flopping around. Nope. They are met with a 2 year old and mom with puffy faces from crying and his grandma —the two adults fully masked, totally mortified and shocked, and shook up about what just took place. THEY (the police) were embarrassed they were even there. My mom said (sarcastically…but I mean, sorry we are pretty pissed at this point?!) “oh, look we even get a police escort!” They waved off and left (because, duh, we are of ZERO threat)

Then, a very wonderful lady who works for American, Simone Torquato, took us aside and just asked us what exactly was going on. I’m still crying at this point, but explain to her calmly exactly what just went down. She said when she saw us she thought, “there’s no way all of us were called about these two women and this TWO YEAR OLD” She also said ultimately, it came down to the decision of the flight attendant and the pilot and there’s nothing they could do. She gave us her card, and told us to contact her when we are sorting through what we all went through. The other nice gentlemen (Ereal Lewis, Jr.) found us a flight that was boarding 10 minutes from when we got off the original plane, and they gave the new crew an update of what just happened before we arrived to the new gate. We finally made it to Colorado Springs, and Way could not have been better behaved on that flight (and no, we did not try to force a mask on him this time around).
Carl, I absolutely hope this gets to you. I want you to know I am an optimistic, see-the-best-and-hope-the-best-in-the-human-race kind of person. I don’t like playing the victim, and I kept trying to convince myself you were eventually going to show SOME decency to, at the LEAST, my beautiful little boy. You showed me, my son and my mother ZERO humanity as soon as you opened your mouth to speak to us. We complied, I tried my best, and your passive aggressive, “I just want you to have a fun plane ride” with the most disingenuous smile will forever be one of the most disappointing human interreactions I have ever had. This was not about you protecting passengers or having human beings and their HEALTH in mind. If that was the case, you would have certainly—WITHOUT QUESTION—realized that a TWO-YEAR-OLD who is sweating, hysterical, has zero concept of why his mother is forcing a mask on his face, has a NEGATIVE Covid test, and is having asthmatic complications due to the absolute hysteria is NOT a health threat to other passengers. However, y o u DID put my son’s health at risk. Naturally, I did break down while you were talking to me, and I said to you through tears while holding my crying baby, “why are you being SO mean to me?” you didn’t answer me. You couldn’t answer that question honestly, because if you allowed yourself to dig, the only honest answer you would be able to land on was you were on some sick power-trip and for whatever reason, wanted to make my family and me an example of how much “power” you have. I hope you sleep well at night. I’m sure the other passengers appreciated being 2 hours late due to your heroic attempt of saving the world from our 2 year old 🙄

American Airlines, THIS is what you have representing you.

**I don’t know why, but I feel the need to add this disclaimer: this is NOT a political issue that took place today, it’s a human issue.

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