MSNBC Guests Physically Recoil At The Mere Mention Of Hillary Clinton

Stephanie Ruhle, of MSNBC, and two guests recently “ganged up” on a fourth guest who tried to make a point about Clinton’s ties to Russia, refusing to let him finish.

“To simply just be able to say: Mike Flynn was just a bad hire, the president continues to never say anything bad against Vladimir Putin, how can those two facts exist at the same time?” Ruhle angrily questioned on Wednesday morning.

“Oh my gosh–Hillary Clinton–” Ned Ryan, CEO of “American Majority,” started before Ruhle cut him off. “Hold on–Hillary Clinton did not win the election! Donald Trump did,” Ruhle said. “Of course she didn’t. Thank god,” Ryan responded.

Ruhle’s two other guests chimed in to prevent Ryan from speaking any further on Hillary Clinton. “She is at her office in Midtown working on Onward Together,” guest Zerlina Maxwell chimed in. “If you want to talk about collusion with Russia, look at the Clintons,” Ryan said, still trying to overpower the three other people at the table to make his point.

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