MSNBC Panel Agree this GOP Candidate Would Blow Any Democrat Away by Double Digits

It’s not too early to start talking about the next election.

Everyone is wondering whether or not President Trump will run once again or whether or not there will be someone who will at least come along and kick Joe Biden out of the White House.

A group of MSNBC hosts and guests were discussing the matter and said that there is one person who would dominate in the election.

Here’s the fact, if the Republicans ran anybody but Donald Trump, they would win in a landslide. Anybody just right of center, anybody… I would like to see some polls. First, a poll of Trump against Biden, which I think Trump would eke out a victory. But then I want to see polls with Nikki Haley, or Ron DeSantis or fill in the blank, and they would win by over double digits. It is, you know, I live in this bubble and this very kind of blue state, and I cannot tell you the, the unrest with the feeling of the Democrats in control the way they are running things, the way Biden not feeling his hands on the wheel and nobody on deck. That’s the concern that Democrats have. But if the Republicans were smart, they would move away from Trump. Can they? Will they? You and I don’t know that. But clearly, if they did, it would be a landslide.

I happen to agree with Deutsch on this, actually. I think that DeSantis would win by a landslide because DeSantis does, in fact, bring something to the table that President Trump didn’t…he’s a politician and politicians like politicians. I think DeSantis would be able to get more done because of his demeanor.

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People really are sick and tired of the left and they hate the way things are going. They know it’s bad. Many of the Democrats are willing to admit it and then the rest refuse to abandon their leader but on the inside, they know it’s messed it.

There are some who see President Trump as too divisive and speaks his mind too much. DeSantis is more of a Trump-lite in that he’s excellent on policy and freedom and everything we could hope for, but without the brash language.

Like I’ve said before, I think President Trump is the greatest president that we’ve had in modern history, he was just fought to death by the Democrats.

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