MSNBC Thinks Clinton Aids Good Source Of Information

MSNBC decided to bring on former Clinton staffers Jennifer Palmieri and Robby Mook to discuss POTUS Trump’s handling of classified intel. Lol.

They framed the discussion on Trump’s criticism of Hillary Clinton for putting classified information on her private email server with the intention, clearly, to try and make Trump look “hypocritical”.

However, the tables turned as MSNBC realized they couldn’t talk about the potential breach without their two guests being hypocritical, themselves.

“Well [Trump] is right, we can’t afford to have someone in the Oval Office that doesn’t understand the value and sensitivity of classified information,” Palmieri told Andrea Mitchell.

“Look, there’s no news in this…guess what, Donald Trump contradicted himself,” Mook said to Stephanie Ruhle. “We can spend all day trying to figure out what did the spokesperson say versus what Donald Trump said–I think the spotlight right now needs to be on the Congress.”

“They’re the one set of people who can step in and do something about this,” Mook said.

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