Multiple Witnesses To El Paso Shooting Said There Were At Least 3 Shooters Dressed In Black

There is something fishy going on once again with a mass shooting.

It seems that the information that the media is giving us is different than what the witnesses are giving us.

Multiple people are reporting that they saw at least 3 shooters inside the Walmart and not just the one that the media is telling everyone.

Woman: “As we were waiting to pay I saw some men run in, shooting.”

Reporter: Was there more than one person? WAs it various people?

Woman: Yes.

Reporter: “At least two?”

Woman: “There were at least three or four people.”

Reporter: “And how were they dressed?”

Woman: “They were dressed in black.”

Reporter: “Ok, so you saw more than one person dressed in black, shooting inside the Walmart?”

Reporter: “Were they dressed in uniform, like police?”

Woman: “I didn’t see their faces. I saw them all dressed in black…and they were the ones shooting because I could see their weapons and the bullets firing.”

In this next video, another witness, named Britney who was inside the store when the shooting happened describes multiple shooters as well.

Reporter: “You were inside the Walmart, can you describe to me what happened?”

Britney: “So we were on the (???) and we just thought it was something hitting the floor and the wall and that’s when my mom’s like ‘No, it is actually shooting.’ and she saw three men running in and they were all dressed in black and that’s when my mom said drop down to the floor and after that, I just grabbed my mom and my little brother by the hand and I just took them outside through the back.”

Reporter: “Did you guys see anyone shot? wounded?”

Britney: “No, we…my mom just saw the three men running, shooting.”

Reporter: “Were they holding guns?”

Britney: “They were holding guns.”

Reporter: “So she saw them actually shooting the guns?”

Britney: “Yes.”

Reporter: “How are you feeling right now?”

Britney: “Panicking. Scared.”

Reporter: “But your family’s all safe.”

Britney: “Yeah, my family’s all safe.”

So there are multiple witnesses who saw at least three men inside the store dressed in all black shooting guns. But that’s not the narrative we’re being told by the media. So what’s really going on here?






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