Multiple Women Arrested After Destroying Restaurant Over $1.75 Dipping Sauce

People are absolutely crazy today. It seems most prevalent in Democrat-controlled cities, but there are still crazies everywhere you go. We have an epidemic of mental illness and derelict parenting happening in our country and it’s not getting any better.

New York City is one city where this is most put on display. Every day there is some news of a senseless crime or criminals getting off of the hook for killing someone or stealing from a store.

Just look at what happened about a week or so ago when Lee Zeldin was attacked and then his attacker was let go without bail. It took the FBI to step up and arrest him.

But beyond that, I want to talk about an incident that happened at a restaurant in New York City in early July.

Some women were upset about their order and having to pay an extra $1.75 for some dipping sauce. So, what did they decide to do? Ravage the entire establishment.

Rafael Nuñez, the restaurant’s chef, told Univision everything started after he tried explaining to the women that extra sauce for the potatoes costs $1.75.

That’s when they got upset.

“We explained to them that this is a business rule and that it is equal for everyone, but they did not understand,” Nuñez said.

Univision obtained footage shot on a cell phone by one of the employees at the Bel Fries restaurant located on the Lower East Side around 4:00 a.m. The footage shows three women in their mid-twenties wreaking havoc on the restaurant. The young women can be seen from the vantage point of the employee throwing glass bottles and other objects at restaurant workers while onlookers stand in the background and record the incident.

Pearl Ozaria, Chitara Plasencia, and Tatiyanna Johnson were subsequently identified by the authorities and taken into custody.

Glenn Hardy, an attorney for Johnson, stated in an interview with Fox 5 New York that the general public is only aware of a limited portion of the story. Hardy made a suggestion that inciting language was used during an altercation between employees of the restaurant. The women can be seen on the video taken with a cell phone taunting employees, trashing the eatery, and twerking against a plastic pandemic barrier that is placed on top of the main counter.

Twerking…is that all they ever do? Twerking on ambulances, twerking on countertops. And all anyone with them can do is stand around and watch while cheering them on as though they’re doing something amazing and attractive. Some people need to learn how to function in life amidst the rest of society.

Daily Wire

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