MUST SEE! Joe Biden BLASTED for Blatant Lie (VIDEO)

Joe Biden is notorious for saying stupid things. Sometimes they’re accidental, while other times they’re just him showing that he doesn’t know crap about running this country. But we all knew that from the start. Nevertheless, Democrats voted for him anyway and now here we are dealing with the catastrophe that is our modern-day country.

Last week, Joe Biden was caught in an outright lie.

“The most common price of gas in America is $3.39, down from over $5 when I took office.”

You can’t be serious. This can’t be real. Did he really just say that?

But do you know what the worst part is about this is? That liberals are going to buy it. They are so crazy that they will most certainly believe that this is true.

I can even imagine Democrats telling him what to say or telling his speechwriter what to write. Can you imagine that conversation?

Pelosi: “You know what? Put in the speech that gas is at $3.39 which is down from over $5 when he took office.”

Speechwriter: “But Madam Speaker, gas prices weren’t over $5 per gallon when he took office. They were much lower.”

Pelosi: “Well, I know that, but the rest of the Democrats out there don’t know that. They won’t even care anyway.”

Speechwriter: “Madam Speaker, but what about the President? Won’t he notice what he’s saying is wrong? He knows that he’s to blame for the gas prices going up.”

Pelosi: “Are you kidding me? He won’t even know he’s given a speech until Jill tells him later when she tucks him into bed for his nap later.”

Speechwriter: “Ok. I’ll put it in there.”

Pelosi: “Now, I’ve got to get back home. Where’s that hammer?”

If he did know what he was saying, he’s doing it for one reason…to try and stir up voters for the elections. If he can tell you he lowed gas prices and that they were really that high, Democrats and uninformed voters will believe it and go vote for Democrats.

Here were some of the reactions on Twitter:

“GasBuddy data shows that the most common prices when Biden took office were $2.29, $2.19, $2.39 and $2.09, the top 10% averaged $3.26/gal, while the bottom 10% averaged $2.00/gal,” energy analyst Patrick De Haan tweeted. “The median price was $2.29/gal.”

“It’s not hyperbole to say Joe Biden is the biggest liar in presidential history,” radio host Jesse Kelly tweeted. “And that’s saying something because they all lie all the time. But he tell these bizarre black and white lies that any idiot can verify. It’s honestly very strange.”

“No matter how often you repeat a lie, it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a lie,” Jennifer Stefano tweeted.

Former Margaret Thatcher aide Nile Gardiner tweeted, “The outright lies from the Biden Presidency are a disgrace and are extremely condescending. Biden treats the American people with contempt.”

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