MUST SEE: Russian Embassy Just Released a New Video Mocking the West: ‘Time to Move to Russia’

The Russian propaganda is going strong nowadays has the Russian Embassy in Spain release the video that was meant to entice people to go move to Russia.

“This is Russia,” a narrator speaking English with a Russian accent says in the 53-second ad. “Delicious cuisine, beautiful women, cheap gas, rich history, world-famous literature, unique architecture, fertile soil, cheap electricity and water, ballet, cheap taxi and delivery, traditional values, Christianity, no cancel culture, hospitality, vodka.”

Let me just say that there is no way that I would ever move to Russia. I know a handful of people from Russia and while I don’t necessarily believe that Russia is the worst place in the world, it’s not exactly the place that I want to live. However, I would be lying if I didn’t say that some of the things in the video didn’t sound enticing, such as no cancel culture.

Russia doesn’t go through this same stupid crap that we’re going through in the United States with cancel culture and transgender garbage and drag queens teaching little kids pronouns. The people there aren’t as mentally challenged as many Americans are.

Another thing that was mentioned in the video was the rich history, but that can be both good and bad because Russia is responsible for the deaths of millions of people. On the other hand, the United States is also responsible for tens of millions of deaths as well at the hands of abortionists. Abortion is legal in Russia, but it’s only allowed up to 12 weeks of gestation.

A friend of mine who’s actually Albanian goes and visits Russia once a year says that she really enjoys it. There is a lot to see there and there’s a lot to do, but I still get the impression that it’s dangerous in regard to the government, not necessarily everyday citizens.

I have another friend he’s actually in Russia right this very minute who’s from Latvia and she seems to be having the time of her life. I just wouldn’t want to live somewhere where so many enemies can reach me. That’s one benefit that we have in the United States is that our enemies are very far away from us, thousands of miles away.

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