Nancy Pelosi Let Stunning Admission Slip About Dems’ Shocking Plans For Illegal Aliens

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA-D) made the claim that a vote for the Democratic Party in the coming midterm elections would provide “leverage” to illegal aliens in the immigration debate. At a Wednesday press conference in El Paso, Texas, Pelosi spoke with immigrant-rights advocates and Veronica Escobar. Escobar is the Democratic nominee for Texas’ 16th Congressional District.

The minority leader traveled to Texas in her official capacity in an effort to gauge the impact of the current immigration policies instituted by President Donald Trump and his administration in their efforts to mitigate illegal border crossings. She used the press conference to voice her opposition to the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy on illegal immigration, except it seems Pelosi missed the memo that this policy has already been rescinded.

In her usual oblivious manner, Pelosi asked how long migrants, both lawful and unlawful, would have to wait for Congress to act on comprehensive reform. Reform is frankly unnecessary. Enforcement of current immigration laws is what is necessary which the Trump administration has attempted to accomplish while Pelosi and her ilk paraded the fiction across every media outlet available that the Trump administration was “separating families” as they enforced policies established under previous administrations.

Stupidity is the same as evil if one is to judge by the results and while it is not exactly clear which Pelosi ascribes to, the end result is the same. It seems she has terrible difficulty in distinguishing between lawful and unlawful immigrants, describing amnesty for illegal aliens as “inevitable for America.”

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PELOSI: I don’t want to be political here. I would say that to the extent that people hear the stories, it’s interesting because there was a recent survey that said if you ask people about their attitudes toward immigration and newcomers to the country, they might have one view. They haven’t thought about it a whole lot except they’re hearing the president, and this and that. But if they know one family, if they know one immigrant family, if they go to school with any immigrant children, or if their children go to school with any immigrant children, if they go to church with immigrants, they have a completely positive view. It changes everything. That’s why I keep talking about public sentiment. And so because this is the right thing to do, I have confidence that we will get where we need to go.

But everything is about time, and we want to shorten the distance as your question indicated between what we think is inevitable for America. They think it is inconceivable, but we believe that we can get this done. We are not going to be able to get it done under the Republican leadership in Congress. We believe that we will have leverage when we win in November. And why is that important? Because it gives leverage to every family, to every mom who courageously brought her child across the desert to escape — to escape d***h, r**e, gang violence, and the rest.

Because it gives hope, because of the leverage it gives to families who may have followed dad home for a family funeral and now can’t come back into the country. As all of those injustices have to be corrected, there’s a path and that path is greatly brightened by the knowledge that is in this community who sees firsthand simple solutions which make a big difference in people’s lives. And so we’re getting ready for this and it is only to come back to a place that honors our values, recognizes the importance of immigration to the success of America.

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