Nancy Pelosi Says Immigrants Needed in the South to ‘Pick the Crops’

Every time Nancy Pelosi steps up to a microphone, people must ask themselves how in the world she ever won an election. Regardless of her appeal to radical Californians, how could this clown assume a powerful role in her own party?

But Pelosi isn’t the only progressive Democrat who spouts off unbelievable comments. Liberals just can’t seem to stop themselves. Much of their rhetoric centers on chastising conservatives as being racist extremists. The fact is, the opposite is true.

Democrats constantly make references to their racist roots. When state lawmakers pass legislation to ensure election integrity, Democrats scream racism. The Democrat Party, on the other hand, was responsible for some of the most racially restrictive voting laws in history.

Democrats are responsible for Jim Crow laws, not Republicans. But to hear Joe Biden talk, people would think the opposite. Biden called Georgia’s laws to protect election integrity “Jim Crow in the 21st Century.”

In fact, an Obama judge slapped down a lawsuit by Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice. The DOJ alleged the new Georgia election integrity laws were, as Biden put it, “Jim Crow 2.0.” However, the federal judge deemed nothing was constitutionally wrong with the Georgia law.

Democrats tried to paint something that wasn’t even close to racist as racist. They do it constantly. After a devastating natural disaster crippled Florida, Kamala Harris had the nerve to use the catastrophe to pitch the liberals’ bogus racial equity narrative.

She openly said that aid and assistance to people who were hurting should be provided along racial lines. Hurricane Ian didn’t racially discriminate when it slammed into Florida. However, liberals want to make humane acts of help racially allocated.

These types of racially loaded comments are designed to divide the nation. But are they really working? Each time one of the progressive elite makes such a comment, Americans begin to realize who the racists really are. It also proves that Democrats are hypocrites.

Right on cue, Nancy Pelosi helped cement the truth. Pelosi was talking about how Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been flying illegal migrants out of his state to sanctuary cities. He felt it was best for these people to be sent to communities that say they want them.

But Pelosi thinks these people could be more useful if left elsewhere. That’s the way progressives feel about the illegal migrant crisis. These people are useful just not in their elite communities. That’s why the Martha’s Vineyard folks bused them out of town.

Almost as soon as a planeload of illegal migrants disembarked their flight, they were shipped off to a Cape Cod military base. But Nancy thought these people would be better served to have remained in Florida. Pelosi said they could stay in Florida and help pick the crops.

Certainly, there are hundreds of migrant workers who help American farmers during harvest. But to suggest a Latino migrant is only good for crop picking is the ultimate racist comment. But liberals cannot help themselves. One might assume that they speak before they think.

That’s not the case. This is how they feel. Progressive liberals believe they are intellectually superior to others. They don’t believe illegal migrants have a brain. They’re crop pickers. Democrats are the racists. When they open their mouths, lies come out.

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