New Emails Show “GOP Pollster” Helped Tyrannical Gov. Whitmer Craft Propaganda to Keep Citizens Afraid

Proof once again that lies and propaganda is what the tyrants love best.

There is nothing that reveals one to be a tyrannical leader than the feeding of lies and propaganda to the public in order to better control them and keep them afraid. It’s absolutely sickening.

Frank Luntz has once again proven to be a tool — that is, for the Right and the far Left.

The pudgy pollster, who recently made headlines for renting a room to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, is again the subject of scrutiny as leaked emails show that he helped Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer spread ȻOVID fear propaganda.

Luntz advised Whitmer to use the word ‘pandemic’ when speaking to the public because it sounded scarier than ‘ Ȼovid’.

Tucker Carlson called Luntz out as a “Google lobbyist” adept at hiding his tracks when helping the far left. Luntz denies lobbying for Google. He can’t hide, however, from emails uncovered by Steve Bannon in October of 2020.

The messages between Frank Luntz and Hunter Biden revealed a working relationship between the two. Hunter tore into Luntz for failing to criticize a Mitt Romney ad that shed a negative light on the Obama administration’s relationship with the auto industry. Luntz responded that he hadn’t done so…because Joe Biden had hurt his feelings by snubbing him.

The never-Trumper does, however, take every opportunity to act as a mouthpiece for the Republican party. His appearances on political talk shows often include throwing out his takes on important issues and making it seem as if they represent republicans’ views as a whole.

According to Judicial Watch,

On December 1, 2020, Gordon forwarded to Whitmer’s chief of staff a PowerPoint summary on ȻOVID political messaging, “Changing the ȻOVID Conversation,” put together by pollster Frank Luntz working with a company called de Beaumont Foundation, based on a survey of 1,100 Americans. They “tested specific words, sentences, phrases, and attributes Americans need to hear to change their behavior and stop the spread of the coronavirus.” A significant part of the report analyzed Democrat-vs.-Republican responses. For example, one of several “warnings” Luntz emphasized, “Many Republicans refuse to follow guidelines because they argue the science keeps changing. It’s up to you to communicate – at the outset – that the science is settled.”

Much of the Luntz Report deals with wordsmithing. A table in the report categorizes words as “Words to Use” and “Words to Lose.” For example, use “protocols” and lose “orders & decrees;” use “social distancing” and lose “physical distancing.” Another Luntz recommendation is to “Call It the Pandemic,” based on his surveys that found the word “pandemic” is “more significant, serious, and scary” than the alternatives“ ȻOVID-19” and “The Coronavirus.”

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