New Poll Shows Trump Winning Handily If Election Were Held Today

OK so this is pretty cool. A new poll conducted by Washington Post-ABC News shows that Clinton would still lose if given a “rematch” with Donald Trump, despite popular belief among Democrats. Taken between Apr. 17th – 20th, it shows that POTUS Trump would lead 43% over Clinton’s 40% when asked, very basically, “who voters would pick if the election were held today”.

The poll also shows that 96% of those who stated they would still vote Trump stand by the decision. In contrast, Clinton voters stated 85% would stand by her. WOW!

Amie Parnes, Co-author of Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, is shown here discussing the results on “America’s Newsroom”. Parnes states that it reflects on many Clinton voters do not feel strongly about her candidacy, further stating that many of them would still prefer Sanders on the lead ticket.

Parnes said Sanders’ tough criticism of Clinton last spring did real damage to her candidacy.

“Bernie Sanders was really pushing the narrative that she was in cahoots with big banks. It did some damage to her. I think that’s why a lot of his support … didn’t really come around and support her,” said Parnes.

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