New Teacher Licensing Requirement Include Demonstrating ‘Marxist” Views to Keep Job

Liberalism and Marxism is continuing to penetrate our public school system. Some states have acted to stop it, while others are embracing and even trying to force it.

The National School Board has lost about half of the country so far by pushing radical liberal propaganda.

It’s crazy, because you would think that with the decades upon decades of ruthless Marxist dictators killing millions of people that people wouldn’t even get close to this stuff. But that’s part of the dumbing down of our society. They have to see to it that you don’t know the past because then you won’t be able to recognize when it’s at your door. The sheep will gladly open the door to let the wolves in for an evening meal.

Now, in Minnesota, they are actually making it a licensing requirement to demonstrate Marxist views in order to keep their jobs.

Below are some of the new licensing standards. We have bracketed our commentary on the meaning and significance of the standard. Teachers must:

Help students develop social identities based upon their social grouping. [Group identities will usurp individual identities];
  • Comply with the construct of “multiple identity formation” [This means they must identify which identity groups a student belongs to, the scale of power assigned to each identity group and how their ‘identities’ intersect. This is called “intersectionality.”];
  • Incorporate “Social and Emotional Learning” (SEL) into all classes [SEL seeks to transform the values, attitudes, and beliefs of students and achieve full compliance with equity and gender ideology.];
  • Understand “systemic trauma,” including racism and micro & macro aggression [Trauma is presumed to have been inflicted upon victims from the oppressor classes];Child Protection League Action, PO Box 463, Mankato, MN 56002 [email protected]
  • Be “inclusive” to reflect “diversity of cultures” [Teachers will have to affirm homosexuality, transgenderism, sexual identity (gender as a choice not biology), and the absence of moral standards for sexual practices which will set the stage for the normalization of pedophilia];
  • Fully affirm and incorporate identity politics into the school, including race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, economic status, and ethnicity;
  • Focus on implicit bias and systemic racism, including “white privilege”;
  • Prioritize materials from “traditionally marginalized voices that offer diverse perspectives on race, culture, language, gender, sexual identity, religion, nationality, migrant/refugee status… and other identities traditionally silenced or omitted from the curriculum.” [Identity politics will drive curriculum content);
  • Teach materials that “empower learners to be agents of social change and promote equity. [“Equity” means required equal outcomes, not equal opportunity. Marx said it this way: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”];
  • Train students in social activism through service learning;
  • Connect students with local and global political activists;
  • Understand that Minnesota’s laws were created to oppress by race, class, gender, sexual orientation, language, and nationality; [This is the Marxist interpretation of history through presumed identity group power.]
  • Understand white supremacy, and how racism operates institutionally [The Marxist assumption that our institutions are fundamentally racist];
  • Understand “enthnocentrism” and “eurocentrism” as undermining “equity.” [“Eurocentrism” and “ethnocentrism” form the core of America’s cultural,
    religious, and political heritage and are presented as racist and oppressive. Young people will be stripped of their history and instead be told their heritage is oppressive: racist, “white” and “heteronormative.”]

This isn’t even the only place that is doing something like this either. A high school in Seattle, Washington is making students pledge to support Black Lives Matter, abortion, and other liberal ideologies.

And you should know by now that this isn’t the first time that I’ve said something like this. I write about schools doing these things quite often, too often in fact.

I know I harp on this stuff all of the time, but honestly, if my writing convinces one person to withdraw their child from the deplorable public school system it will be worth it.

Liberty Sentinel

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