New Website Launched to Expose Modern Day Gulag Tactics from Biden Regime

The gulag was the government agency in charge of the Soviet forced labor camp systems during Vladimir Lenin and then Joseph Stalin’s rule from the 1930s to the 1950s.

The term is widely used today to describe any forced-labor camp in the USSR and other countries under communist rule, and often associated with political prisoners and detainees transported in extreme conditions such as those found in Kolyma.

Soviet slave labor camps that were spread all over remote locations of Siberia and Russia’s Far North and became synonymous with savage repression and gulag dystopia.  Gulags, once established, were autonomous entities, usually at the subordination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD).  They could be moved or closed down depending on the general political situation.

Gulags were mainly set up to exploit natural resources and build infrastructures.

All prisoners had to work for 12 hours daily including Sundays.  They worked with mines extracting coal, gold or tin ore; lumbering camps felling trees; building roads, railways and canals; farming; or in industrial construction sites.

Prisoners did not receive any payment for their work which continued until they died. Like WWII prisoner-of-war camps many gulags were surrounded by fences and watchtowers with armed guards. Escapees were shot; in most cases, gulag prisoners were sentenced to 25-year terms (repeated offenders got 10 years on top of their original sentences), but many served much more than that because of the high mortality rate inside them – caused by malnutrition and harsh working conditions – and because release was usually conditional upon the completion of additional forced labor after the sentence had expired.

Prisoners who worked as foremen enjoyed small privileges such as better housing, slightly better rations, and a chance to serve time in a less harsh environment such as a prison colony or to be released early.

How harsh right? Well, apparently liberals would have us follow these footsteps if they had their way.

Alternatively, a website was recently created to bring attention to the fact that this is how some people are being treated. The website is

You’ll notice on the site that not a single one of the 600+ people who have been arrested have been charged with insurrection even though that’s what liberals claim happened.

In reality, what happened at the Capitol was a mostly peaceful protest with the exception of a few idiots breaking and stealing things. Take a look at the site and look at some of the charges that are being brought against people…such as Doug Jensen going back to jail for watching Mike Lindell.

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