New Website Reveals REAL Approval Ratings for Biden, After YouTube Continues Covering Up Truth

The evidence that Joe Biden is a fraud is right in front of our eyes.

We’re told to believe that he won an astonishingly high number of votes, in the same year that President Trump won an astonishingly high number of votes, but everywhere we see evidence that Biden is not liked…at all.

The media wants us to believe that this man is more liked than Barack Obama and President Trump who both set records in voting, but one of the key differences is that Biden managed to get this astronomical number of votes by winning only a small fraction of the counties in the country.

President Obama won in 2012 with a record 69 million votes winning 873 counties. President Trump won 2,497 counties and a record-shattering 74 million votes, and they expect us to believe that Joe Biden shattered both of those records with a measly 477 counties and somehow getting 81 million votes?

I can guarantee you that people weren’t more excited about Joe Biden than they were for Barack Obama, and especially not more excited than people were about President Trump.

The media has been working tirelessly in order to try and cover this fact up. Proof of just how disliked he is have been seen ever since he was sworn into office.

When you look at the White House YouTube channel, there has been barely any views compared to any video of President Trump, but there has been WAY MORE dislikes on every single video than there are likes. You can still see this today, just go visit the channel’s page and you find that every single video has more dislikes than it does likes.

We have actually seen YouTube trying to cover this up by deleting dislikes and boosing likes, but they can’t get rid of them all.

Now a new website has been created that tracks the actual number of likes and dislikes and reports them against the numbers that YouTube corrects and reveals just how much they’re manipulating the data.

If this were truly the most popular president in the history of our nation, then you wouldn’t bee seeing these sorts of numbers.

Take a look:

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