Newt Gingrich on Trump’s First 100 Days

Newt Gingrich gives his thoughts about POTUS Trump’s First 100 Days and things sound pretty favorable. Overall, Gingrich believes Trump has “done pretty well overall” during his first 100-days as POTUS.

Gingrich has previously spoken with others about the first 100-days and it does seem, indeed, that he’s in favor of Trump.

“He got a conservative Supreme Court justice, he’s reestablished America’s role in the world, he will have had I think 29 or 30 executive orders, the most since World War II,” Gingrich told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” show. “The truth is, they’ve passed about 28 bills in Congress that he signed.”

“They didn’t pass the one big one in healthcare,” he continued. “He has gotten a lot of things done that people aren’t aware of. He has a very strong Cabinet in place, and the meetings he’s having today are a sign of that.”

The president came to the White House never having held public office before, said Gingrich, but he’s learning rapidly and he’ll keep learning.

“I think he’s probably got a year, year and a half learning curve involved because it’s such a big complicated job, but overall, he’s done very well,” said Gingrich. “I liked what he said about the dreamers yesterday, the young people who came here when they were very, very young distinguishing them from, say, MS-13, a gang that we should hunt down and get rid of. And I think that kind of sophistication is going to go very, very well.”

A live conversation with former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich about the first 100 days of the Trump administration.

Posted by Dentons Public Policy on Thursday, April 27, 2017

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