OUTRAGEOUS! Man Arrested After Defending Himself from Antifa (VIDEO)

This country has tragically fallen far away from the way the Founders had originally intended for it to be.

We declared several amendments in our Constitution that states what our rights are. These rights are quickly vanishing one at a time.

No longer can a person defend his person or his property without being treated as a criminal.

The Pacific Northwest is the key breeding ground for Antifa terrorists. This is where we see most of them. This is where we see most of the violence.

Think back to last summer and the two big locations that had so much drama with Antifa. Those cities were Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington. However, Antifa is spread out in more cities than just those two. Recently in Salem Oregon several Antifa terrorists harassing people who are driving down the road. In some cases, almost getting hit by people driving.

One man decided that he was fed up and had enough after his truck was hit with debris the windows were shattered envying hit. Etsy exited his truck the thugs continued throwing things at him had a close distance. Being under threat the man pulled a pistol and rack the slide chambering a bullet.

At that point, the Antifa thugs started whining and backing away showing that they weren’t as tough as they wanted everyone to think that they are and started calling for the police. How hypocritical do you have to be to protest about defunding the police and then call for the police to help you? They are literally walking contradictions.

Police weren’t doing anything about Antifa harassing people, but once someone actually defended himself, that’s when police wanted to step in.

Ultimately, the man was released and allowed to go back to his truck. It’s unclear if he received any citations or anything like that.

As I said, this is the world we live in now and this is what you can expect to see more of under Biden.

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