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Paul Ryan Calls Out Mainstream Media For Dividing America With Bias Reporting

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Paul Ryan Calls Out Mainstream Media For Dividing America With Bias Reporting

Paul Ryan sat down with John Dickerson with ‘Face The Nation’ and pulled absolutely NO punches. Ryan tells Dickerson that he, and the mainstream media =, only reports what’s profitable.

DICKERSON: “Why do you think there’s not much talk about bipartisanship in the coverage?”

RYAN: “You know, I don’t think it sells for you guys, for the media. You take a look at the bills we pass out of the House – about a thousand bills. It’s been one of the most productive sessions of Congress in a generation. And of those roughly thousand bills, over 80% of them are bipartisan bills. So, we’ve tackled opioids; we’ve tackled human trafficking; we’ve rebuilt the military. All of those are bipartisan, but they don’t get reported. It doesn’t sell. So, I honestly think, John, it’s the hits and the clicks, and it’s the ratings chase that’s on display in America today that says when they’re fighting each other, that’s when you cover it.”

DICKERSON: “So if we accept some portion of responsibility for that, you’ve seen some of President Trump’s rallies. Do those rallies accentuate the things that unite us – the bipartisan achievements? Or do they do something very successful in politics…which is sow division in the country?”

RYAN: “Yeah.”

DICKERSON: “Do you see that happening at his rallies?”

The Daily Wire recorded: Ryan replied that he does sometimes see divisive behavior at President Trump’s rallies, but that such behavior is not always present. When Dickerson pressed Ryan, the Speaker began to talk about the dangers of identity politics:

“I worry about tribal identity politics becoming the new norm of how politics is waged. As conservatives, we always thought this was sort of a Left-wing, Alinsky thing. Unfortunately, the Right practices identity politics now as well. It’s the day and age, it’s technology and everything else – identity politics, which is now being practiced on both sides of the aisle, is, unfortunately, working. And I think we, as leaders, we gotta figure out how do we make inclusive, aspirational politics strategically valuable again?”

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