Peter Doocy Makes Karine Jean-Pierre Look Stupid by Asking One Important Question (VIDEO)

One of the most critical jobs on the White House staff is that of the White House Press Secretary. There have been dozens of outstanding individuals entrusted with this important job. The White House Press Secretary is essentially the voice of the President of the United States.

This person must be intelligent. Likewise, they must be gifted communicators. Without a preset list of questions from the White House press corps, the press secretary must be able to think quickly. Most display an obvious talent in this area.

However, others seem to rely on tactical deflection. This has been the case with both White House press secretaries under Joe Biden. Jen Psaki made the response, “I’ll circle back,” an infamous method of deflection.

Instead of answering many tough questions, Psaki would blow off the question with this reply. But the current press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, has refined a new tactic. If Biden’s latest “circle-backer” is stuck for an answer, she just starts reading her “curated list of talking points.”

Both of this administration’s press secretaries have been burdened with one big problem. For many of the questions that Americans want answers to, Biden’s staff of buffoons doesn’t have an answer. When pressed for questions about the U.S. border crisis, “it’s secure.”

There’s never any explanation of how or why they feel this way, despite record numbers of illegal migrants pouring into the country. The same goes for inflation. First, it was transitory. After a while, transitory no longer worked, so it really wasn’t a big deal.

Just ask the millions of Americans who are struggling financially, and they might feel differently. And then there is the astronomical spike in gas prices since Joe Biden took office. Biden’s puppets have blamed everyone from Putin to the oil companies.

They never even hint that it could be the result of ignorant energy policies made by the Biden administration. Everybody else was at fault when prices climbed out of control. However, each time gas prices at the pump drop a few cents, Joe Biden is responsible.

Biden has virtually emptied the U.S. strategic petroleum reserves to achieve a modest and temporary reduction in prices. That ill-advised plan has been burnt to the ground. Our nation’s strategic reserves are now dangerously low. However, fuel prices are beginning to rise again.

FOX News’ White House Correspondent, Peter Doocy, asked one of those “tough” questions. Doocy pressed Jean-Pierre on gas prices. He asked, “You’ve said the President was responsible for gas prices coming down. Is Biden responsible for gas prices going up?”

Biden has taken credit every time gas prices drop, even slightly. So, Doocy wanted to know whose fault it is now that prices are climbing again. However, instead of offering a logical answer, the White House Press Secretary goes into deflection mode.

Seeming to fumble for an answer, Karine Jean-Pierre replied, “So, it’s a lot more nuanced than that. You know this. There have been global challenges. There’s been a pandemic and Putin’s war.” These are the same bogus talking points the Biden administration has used for months.

They no longer apply. “Putin’s war” isn’t what’s causing prices to climb. According to Joe Biden himself, the pandemic is over. What are these “global challenges” Jean-Pierre speaks of? She can’t say. None of these things are to blame.

The reason gas prices are climbing again is that Joe Biden waged an all-out assault on the U.S. fossil fuel industry. Nothing has changed. But now, thanks to “clueless Joe,” our critical strategic reserves have evaporated. Biden was told not to do this. He did it anyway.

Now, there’s little chance to stave off another spike in prices. Biden has handcuffed America’s energy industry. By doing so, he’s handcuffing Americans financially. Maybe Jean-Pierre should give up her strategy of using talking points.

Perhaps, she should use the old strategy and just circle back. “Circle back” fits this administration perfectly. Joe Biden and his White House staff of fools are sort of like a dog spinning around in circles chasing its tail.

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