Popular Kids Show Pushes Propaganda on Kids During Pride Month (VIDEO)

As a 90s kid, there were a lot of good tv shows for kids back then.

One of these shows was Blue’s Clues. The show is about a blue dog, whose name happened to be Blue, who would leave paw print clues around certain areas and things and his owner would try and find out what it was that Blue was trying to communicate to him. Maybe it was somewhere he wanted to go, maybe it was what Blue wanted for lunch.

I didn’t watch the show much, but my sister did, therefore I did see it occasionally.

But the show was a good kids’ show. That’s not true anymore. The show has been infected with propaganda just like many other kids’ programs before it.

With June being Pride Month, that is the month of the year where liberals celebrate the abomination of the LGBTQRSTUV community, Blue Clues decided that they were going to indoctrinate kids as well by inserting propaganda into the show.

During a recent episode, they are celebrating Pride Month with a parade where a drag queen tells Blue, “Love is love is love, you see and everyone should love proudly and we’ll all go marching in the big parade. Thanks Blue, happy Pride Month.”

In the parade, you can see various gay couples (two alligator mommies, two bear daddies) where they even sing about it, “This family has two daddies, they love each other so proudly…” and the did the same with the alligator mommies.

Not only that, but they even push the idea of being non-binary as though you don’t have to abide by biology and can choose your gender, “These babas are non-binary, they love each other so proudly.”

But that’s not all, there is even one family that is transgender, “Trans members of this family all love each other so proudly…”

This is absolutely disgusting. We live in an age where we can no longer just let our kids watch a tv show without first seeing it for ourselves because you never know when they’re going to slip this sort of crap in.

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