President Trump Secures Win on First Amendment in “First of Its Kind Ruling”

Near the end of President Trump’s time in the White House and before he was banned from Twitter, he shared a meme that you’ve probably seen before.

It’s a clip of two toddler kids running toward one another to embrace in a huge. Then one chases the other playfully.

The meme, created by Carpe Donktum, showed the black child running from the white child.

Carpe Donktum slapped a chyron jokingly calling the photo ‘breaking news.’

Cook wrote additional captions. One characterized the white child as a racist chasing a terrified black toddler, and the other stated that the white toddler was likely a Trump voter. The parents of both tiny subjects in the photo sued both Donald Trump and Logan Cook for exploiting the image, violating privacy laws and inflicting ’emotional distress’ on the families.

Fortunately for Trump, Cook and freedom of expression, the New York Supreme Court judge ruled for the defendants.

Judge David Benjamin Cohen cited the meme’s newsworthiness and the Trump campaign’s penchant for calling out fake news, especially in the context of racism accusations, as legal justification for creating and spreading the meme.

“It is common knowledge that one of the principal tactics of Trump’s presidential campaigns, as well as his presidency, was to incessantly attack the mainstream media as purveyors of ‘fake news,’ including his claim that the media exaggerates the extent of racial division in this country,” the judge continued. “Thus, the video’s references to ‘fake news’ and its depiction of race relations, however distorted, are clearly newsworthy.”

“Since the video is therefore a satire, albeit one which some may consider to be rather distasteful, this Court is constrained to find that it is not actionable,” he said.

Judge Cohen did not, however, allow Donald Trump to recoup his legal expenses because the plaintiffs filed the lawsuit ‘in good faith.’

I can’t believe that this even had to go to court. This just gives more evidence that the liberals have lost all touch with reality.

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