President Trump’s Blog SHUT DOWN, Here’s What You Can Do to Help

The mainstream media and the tech giants like Facebook and Twitter have been relentless in their efforts to silence him completely.

But if we know one thing about President Trump, it’s that he’s not one to be easily silenced and those who want to hear from him know where to find him.

He has been using his website to give updates recently, but now, all of a sudden, that’s gone and will not be returning.

But what is happening next?

Well, we know that he’s not going back to Twitter or Facebook. Facebook just announced that they’re banning his account for at least two year, if not longer. I’m certain that once those two years go by, they’ll just reset the clock again or ban him indefinitely.

Amy Tarkanian tweeted,

“The Desk of Donald J. Trump” section of President Trump’s website has been removed and will not be returning per @JasonMillerinDC.

Perhaps this is a precursor to him joining another social media platform?

Jason Miller, who is President Trump’s senior aide responded to the tweet saying, “Yes, actually, it is. Stay tuned!”

So now the speculation begins as to what platform he will be going to?

There was talk months ago after his suspensions of starting his own social media platform. Many were wondering if we misinterpreted what he said about that after he launched the website where he was giving updates aka his blog. Maybe he was still working on a social media platform after all?

I certainly hope so because I honestly think that if there is one man who can fight against the social media giants, it’s President Trump. Most of the country supports him and we know that’s the truth.

The best thing that we can do now is to hang on tight, and wait for the announcement of either his new platform, or his joining of another platform like Gab, Parler, or MeWe.

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