Press Secretary Jen Psaki Gets WRECKED By Reporter Over False Transparency

Think back a moment, back to that day in January when Joe Biden was illegitimately sworn into office.

It’s a day that I’m sure most of us will not soon forget. Truly, it’s a day we may never forget.

Upon Biden’s coming of power, he promised to be the administration of transparency.

I hope that nobody actually fell for that old trick. Democrats are never transparent about anything but hatred and intolerance.

It didn’t take long before the regime broke that promise and they still continue to break it even today.

On Friday, Press Secretary of the White House Jen Psaki refused to release the number of vaȼȼinated staff in the White House who have been diagnosed with ȻOVID to reporters.

Psaki’s refusal raised questions about the transparency of the White Houses’ administration.

“This administration has long claimed that you’re trying to be the most transparent in history,” a reporter asked Psaki at the White House’s daily briefing. “If that’s the case, why won’t you just release the number of breakthrough cases you’ve had among vaccinated staffers?” She later added, “But why not just provide the number? Are you trying to hide something?”

When asked to reveal the numbers of vaȼȼinated staff who have contracted ȻOVID and questioned whether the White House is attempting to hide numbers, Psaki responded with “No, but why do you need to have that information?”

As the reporter pointed out that transparency is in the best interest of the general public and can help individuals understand how breakthrough cases occur in the White House saying, “Transparency, interests of the public, to have a better understanding of how breakthrough cases work here in the White House,” Psaki continued to be reluctant to release information.

After commenting that the CDC is continuing to exhibit “a great deal of tracking” she quickly moved on.

Current statistics from the CDC reveal that 5,914 Americans who have received the ȻOVID vaȼȼination have still contracted the virus as of July 19. The CDC does not reveal statistics of the White House staff.

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