Racist “The View” Co-Host Compares White Republican Women to Vermin (VIDEO)

The women on the show “The View” have gotten worse over the years. As hard as that may be to believe because they’ve all been pretty nasty ever since President Trump was elected as president.

Obviously, Joy Behar is one of the worst, and Whoopi is demented, but there is one woman who just takes the cake in my opinion. As nasty as those two women are, Sunny Hostin gets my vote for the worst co-host of the show.

She seems to be calm and mellow and innocent, but don’t let her fool you. Some of the most idiotic and racist comments on ever made on the show have come from her.

Last week, she actually compared white women who vote for Republicans to cockroaches voting for Raid. Thankfully, Farah Griffin fired back at her pointing out the OBVIOUS notion that such a statement is insulting to the voter.

The Wrap reported,

Hostin went on to question if female Republicans actually “want to live in Gilead” from “The Handmaid’s Tale.” At that, host Alyssa Farah Griffin got visibly upset and disagreed, calling Hostin’s words “insulting to the voter.”

“Do we love democracy or not?” Farah Griffin shot back. “Because, just saying that, it’s insulting to the voter. People will make their decisions based on what’s right for their family. And the idea that you should have a say for everyone else’s vote….”

Farah Griffin went on to press Hostin about her thoughts on this, considering she is anti-abortion. And to that, Hostin returned to her regular response, saying that just because she doesn’t believe in abortion because of her religion, doesn’t mean she has the right to force that idea onto other women.

Host Sara Haines eventually chimed in, noting that she’s not too surprised that abortion isn’t the top issue for Republican women, considering election deniers are the main issue for her. “Everyone has a priority list,” she said.

Get a load of this:


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