Radical Liberals Had a Plan Long Before January 6 Even Started

The January 6 hearings are a sham. The panel is purposefully made up of far-left Democrats and turncoat Republicans. This so-called committee is using fabricated lies to trick Americans into thinking the chaos at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 was all President Trump’s fault.

It was not. These hearings are obviously one-sided and totally biased. When in American history has a legal proceeding silenced all opposition opinion and denounced any contradictory evidence? It’s happening now. The commission entrusted the production to an ABC executive.

It is an orchestrated, made-for-TV sham. As proof, this commission refuses to discuss or present startling evidence about why the “Stop the Steal” protests were allowed to get out of hand. No one will talk about the radical activists who infiltrated President Trump’s supporters.

No one wants to discuss how federal agents blended in with protesters, encouraging them to break the law. But as bad as omitting these facts is, denying the American public a true accounting of the weeks leading up to the protests is criminal.

There’s a trove of evidence that proves Nancy Pelosi knew well in advance that security at the Capitol was not prepared for January 6. Why did Pelosi and members of the Capitol Police ignore pleas for heightened security?

If President Trump was pushing for violence, why did he approve over 20,000 National Guard troops? Using this same logic, why did Nancy Pelosi refuse the additional security? She insists that she never wanted violence, but did she really?

Pelosi, like liberal D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, was warned to beef up security at the Capitol ahead of the protests. They refused. Capitol Police Chief Steve Sund asked House and Senate security officials for the authority to place National Guard troops on standby.

His request was denied. Why would these people deny even the suggestion to place extra security on standby just in case they were needed? The Capitol Police were also well aware that there was potential for violence ahead. They did not prepare.

Both U.S. Homeland Security and District of Columbia authorities tried to warn Pelosi and others of a potentially dangerous situation. They failed to act. President Trump is not responsible for January 6, no matter how hard this sham commission tries to convince people he was.

The people responsible are the ones who allowed it to happen. They were forewarned about potential violence weeks ahead of time but did nothing. This led to the chaos on January 6. It was all done on purpose. Radicals infiltrated the Trump supporters and started the mayhem.

Law enforcement allowed people to walk right into the Capitol. There was always a corrupt plan to frame President Trump. America is watching as it unfolds during these bogus January 6 hearings. Nancy Pelosi and other liberal lawmakers knew exactly what they were doing.

If they could incite violence within the “Stop the Steal” protest, they could falsely attack President Trump again. Someone needs to produce a counter documentary, one with all the factual video evidence of what really happened on January 6. Americans must know the truth.

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