Recent Mayoral Race in Texas Foreshadows What’s to Come in November

Republicans have every reason to be confident about the upcoming midterm elections. A red tsunami, not just a red wave, is expected to wipe out dozens of Democratic seats in Congress.

Those of us on the right, as well as those on the left, can see it quite plainly. CNN, lefty pollsters, and Obama’s buddies have all admitted it. Even Mitch McConnell said so, and you know how he is on such matters.

But what sort of confirmation do we have that this will be the case? Well, we’ve seen places like Rochester, NH in which a Republican won the mayoral race up there for the first time in decades, but we have better evidence of that now after a recent race.

In Texas, Mayra Flores, a Republican, won a special election in the 34th Texas Congressional District to fill a vacant seat, shifting a strongly Hispanic district to the GOP.

Flores said in a victory address on June 14, her voice shaking with emotion, “I’m forever grateful.” “For 100 years, we have been taken for granted.”

The result shows that Republicans have made substantial gains in the Rio Grande Valley, which has been dominated by Democrats for decades.

Flores earned around 51% of the vote, while Democratic challenger Dan Sanchez received 43%.

She is the first woman born in Mexico to serve in Congress. For her achievement, she thanked God first, then her family and coworkers.

Flores, who is married to a Border Patrol officer and is a legal immigrant from Mexico, ran on the premise that Democrats had taken Latinos for granted. She ran as a pro-life and pro-Second Amendment candidate, blaming Democrats for the high cost of food and gas.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, District 34 in Texas has the second greatest percentage of Latino voters in the country.

So, we can already see that seats are being flipped and I think that’s what we can expect in about 5 more months. It can’t come soon enough.

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