Recent Poll Says a Majority of Liberal Democrats Do Not Believe the U.S. is the Greatest Nation

For a small group of elitists to change a society, they must alter the mindset of that society. Logic means the same strategy would be necessary to change an entire nation. If the citizens love their country, it will be difficult to convince them that change is necessary.

However, if you can gradually indoctrinate enough people into believing their country is bad, it will be easy to push change on them. That’s been the strategy of liberal ideologues for decades. By indoctrinating Americans to hate their country, they push people into accepting change.

That change may not even be in their best interest. That’s the scenario with the radical left’s desire to make the U.S. a country based on socialist ideas. The opposite of freedom is socialism. Socialism is one short step from outright communism.

But these radical Marxists know they must move gradually. First, they must trick Americans into believing that the U.S. is not the greatest country on earth. A recent poll indicates the left’s devious strategy may be working, at least on half the population.

A startling number of registered Democrats do not believe their own nation is the best in the world. That might be understandable for a country with limited freedoms and other problems. The United States does have issues. No one is denying that.

Nevertheless, the U.S. is the freest, most opportunity-driven country on the planet. People flock to our shores in droves. Over two million illegal migrants have chosen to break the law to get into the United States. Besides Joe Biden’s free stuff, the main reasons are clear.

The United States of America is still the land of freedom and opportunity. So, why do so many leftist Democrats believe America is not “the best place to live?” The reason is actually pretty simple. These liberals have been sucked in by a radical Marxist ideology.

To persuade people that a change is required, liberals have worked tirelessly to instill a false mindset. College professors and secondary teachers must teach an ideology that tricks students into believing America is a bad place. They insist that American integrity is irretrievable.

This is a complete lie, but the left keeps insisting that it’s true. This recent poll proves exactly what’s happening in the U.S. Liberals are trying to destroy the country. They’re working to brainwash our children from the earliest ages. It’s an all-out assault on our freedom.

Clearly, conservatives have been entrusted with saving the country. For all their faults, at least Republicans believe in America. Nearly 70 percent of Republicans still believe the U.S. is the greatest country in the world. That’s because it is.

Another 24 percent of Republicans still think the U.S. is great, but we may have some work to do. That’s understandable. There are some really great countries out there. However, all of them have problems. Nevertheless, none of them can stack up to the United States.

The proof is in the vast number of people who want to live here. Hundreds of millions of people from other countries would rather live in the U.S. It appears the only people who don’t enjoy living in the U.S. already live here. But, bless their little hearts, they’ve been brainwashed.

America is the greatest country on earth. If we win the battle against Marxism, we will always be. The choice is ours. Patriotic American values vs. communism? There’s a stark difference. It seems that conservative Republicans have a big job ahead of them; “Save America” from itself.

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