Refund The Police: Cities Backtrack on Defunding Calls After Crime Skyrockets

After the death of George Floyd, protesters and rioters took to the streets demanding justice in his name.

They called for defunding the police due to their belief that it would lead a reduction stop crime rates from increasing over time – but now cities have backed down following an increase this year- especially with more high profile incidents like those seen last month when officers were caught on camera in incidents like Alton Sterling or Philando Castile during encounters .

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other organizations rioted and protested and, in some places, effectively convinced cities for less funding on police department budgets during the “Summer of Love”.

Since that time, the Defund the Police movement has stalled and began to lose support. Polls have shown public support is at an all-time low for the Defund the Police movement, as crime spikes across the nation.

Leaders in U.S. cities have begun to take action to raise money going to police departments, adding these new funds into the annual budget. Crime statistics on the rise, officer shortfalls, and a public who has shifted their view to refund the police are pushing these city officials to take action.

Even in Portland, one of the most supportive cities in the Defund the Police movement has had their mayor, Ted Wheeler, backtrack many statements in the wake of rising crime and shrinking police force.

Wheeler has stated he will take action to put more funds directly into the hands of the police departments.

With crime rates increasing nationwide, it should be no surprise that mayors are backtracking on their previous statements and refund the police.

The idea to defund the police never made sense from day one; common sense would say that if you stop funding an organization then people will lose or quit their jobs which in turn decreases efficiency in the police department, ultimately leading to fewer police actually stopping crimes. It was obvious this plan wouldn’t work out well…so why did these idiots try?

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