Roger Stone Adds to His Legal Team, Takes and Passes Two Lie Detector Tests

Roger Stone is preparing for a war against the Robert Mueller witch hunt. He has added additional legal experts and has taken two comprehensive lie detector tests and passed them both with flying colors.

Stone confirmed to The Hill that he hired Florida attorney Bruce Rogow as his lead lawyer. Rogow recommended that Stone take a lie detector test, and he ended up taking two – and passed them both.

Rogow said:


“I suggested a polygraph in order to pin down the veracity of Roger’s positions on the investigation by the special counsel with regard to Julian Assange and Wikileaks. I have great confidence in the polygraph examiner, to whom I sent Mr. Stone.”

From The Hill

ABC reported that Stone responded “no” to polygraph questions about whether he communicated with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during the 2016 presidential election, and whether he ever discussed any stolen information from WikiLeaks with Trump during the same timeframe.

The news outlet noted that it was not able to verify the accuracy of the results.

Stone told The Hill he was “found to be truthful in both tests evaluated by two respected experts.” The Hill is not able to independently verify the test results.

While the Justice Department does not have specific rules on the use of polygraph tests in a trial, the practice has been found inadmissible in numerous cases.

Roger Stone says he will not commit perjury and implicate the president in any wrongdoing.

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