Segregation Creeps into College Universities, No Whites Allowed

It’s a shame, but the destructive woke culture as well as the brainless Biden administration, have put our country on a course back in time, setting us back about 100 years.

Just think, we could have been enjoying the best decade in 100 years, but instead, the Democrats have put us back to the year 1929, or is it 1984?

People are unemployed, we’re racially divided, and there’s even segregation once again, but this time, it’s discrimination against white people.

Summer is a great time for educational enrichment, but this isn’t the case for some white students interested in accounting in New York. This unique situation was first reported by Ben Zeisloft of Campus Reform.

In Summer 2021, nine New York colleges and universities: Ithaca College, Medgar Evers College, Rochester Institute of Technology, Siena College, St. John’s University, SUNY New Paltz, SUNY Oswego, the University at Buffalo, and Westchester Community College, are coming together to offer the ‘Career Opportunities in the Accounting Profession’ program.

However, this opportunity is strictly for ‘underrepresented high school students,’ so it doesn’t even allow white students to apply. The application only allows students to select from the following options: Hispanic, Black, Asian, or Native American.

When Campus Reform contacted SUNY Oswego regarding the program going against anti-discrimination laws, Provost Scott Furlong reiterated that the program is offered exclusively to students of color. However, he also emphasized that the university would prefer a “more inclusive perspective” regarding program membership.

SUNY Oswego participates in supporting the program and sees this as a beneficial service to the profession, but we strongly believe that all disadvantaged students would benefit from the COAP program,” Furlongsaid. “While we do not participate in recruiting the student participants in COAP or in the setting of policy for student membership, SUNY Oswego would prefer a more inclusive perspective regarding membership in COAP and the NYSSCPA policy.”

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