Shocking Video of High Schooler Kicking Principal in Groin, Threatens To “Kill Everyone”

Last week, a Georgia high school student was arrested and forced to undergo mental evaluation after he attacked his school’s assistant principal.

The incident happened after the student was found to have had alcohol in his water bottle and clearly appeared to be drunk. The assistant principal confronted the student during one of his classes and there is when things became violent.

According to arrest warrants, the 17-year-old made specific threats to get a gun and come back to the school. The boy threatened, “When I get out I’m going to get a gun and come back and kill everyone.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports,

“Walton High School staff responded quickly and appropriately and did what they have been trained to do: prioritize every student’s safety while keeping the focus on teaching and learning,” the official said.

Holder was jailed without bond on felony charges of terroristic threats and battery against school personnel, jail records show. He’s also charged with simple battery against a police officer, underage possession of alcohol and alcohol possession on public school grounds.

A judge reconsidered and Holder was released on $10,000 bond Monday. According to Channel 2, the 17-year-old will head back to a mental health facility for treatment.

Here is a clear cut case of someone who needs serious mental help and who needs to be watched VERY closely for years. He threatened to kill everyone in his school, drunk or not, you’ve got to take this as a serious threat and do everything necessary to prevent him from actually carrying out any attack.

Even Andrew Pollack, who is the father of a victim from the Parkland shooting tweeted,

This is how we make a difference… Involuntary hospitalization to make sure his mental illness gets reported and a felony charge on his background. If you threaten someone’s life, you lose the privilege to purchase a fire arm! #FixIt

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