SHOCKING Video Shows Cops Arresting Black Man for ‘”Speeding” Then Chokes Him For Questioning It

A video is quickly making the rounds on social media which shows a black man being aggressively detained, harassed, choked and finally tackled to the ground by police.

What for you ask…speeding.

According to Someecards,

The man had been pulled over by a cop in Texas “without [being] given a reason,” according to the person who shared the video on Twitter. He says the cop then “tried to arrest” the man, who repeatedly asked “detained for what?” and was told he was being arrested for “speeding.” Cops tried to handcuff the man, who refused to comply with “being handcuffed and arrested for speeding.” Then another cop showed up, and they escalated the situation, putting the man in a chokehold and tackling him to the ground.

Meanwhile a woman in the background is heard screaming in terror, pleading with the cops not to hurt him.

StanceGrounded tweeted the video along with,

Black man was pulled over by a Texas cop without given a reason. The cop then tries to arrest him. After he asks multiple times, cop tells him he’s being arrested for “speeding”

Not willing to comply w/ being handcuffed and arrested for speeding, waits for back up

This happens

The stories are reporting it was Texas law enforcement, but it was actually Mississippi.

He also added,

Patiently waiting for another officer to come on scene in hopes that that officer would understand he did not commit a violent crime & did not deserve to be treated like he did

Before he could even speak, that officer went for his neck

He needs to be charged w/ attempted murder


Let’s look at a few things. Now I don’t know how fast the man was going who was allegedly speeding, but you don’t typically get arrested for speeding.

Then when the officer’s backup shows up, he doesn’t even get to say anything before the new officer grabs him by the throat and tells him to get on the f***ing ground!

Tons of other Twitter users shared their outrage:

“After 30 years as a police officer in Scotland, I never recognise these mad violent behaviours of US cops. Here, this would lead to suspension, investigation and probably criminal conviction. It’s not perfect in Scotland but this is sickening.”

“This is really *ucked and it’s a daily occurrence!! Arrested for speeding but never asked for his license! Then, rambo, skinhead racist nearly breaks his damn neck?? WTF??? Hope tge ACLU is all over this!!”

“Arrested for speeding… wtaf.”

“Here we go again, this is crazy, cop can’t make up his mind on what he’s telling this man to do, get on the ground or give him his wallet, poor police interaction and of course the person is black. If he go to reach for the wallet he’s Dead.”

At the same time, there are some who are taking the side of the officers in this incident:

“Nope. No context leading up to this. Also, he clearly was not cooperating or complying. And he resisted both officers. If you want to fight back, that’s what’s going to happen. The court room is the place for arguing, not on scene.”

Must be another incident where you were there and you know everything that happened before cameras started rolling. Argue in court, not on the streets. If the cops were wrong, sue them, get paid.
Watch this, it’s easy:
Cop: “put your hands being your back”
Me: “yes sir”

What are your thoughts? Who is in the wrong here?

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