SHOCKING! Was Tucker Carlson’s Confrontation a CIA Inside Set Up?

You may have heard about Tucker Carlson’s incident that happened last week where he was confronted by some guy in a bait shop.

This isn’t the first encounter that he’s had recently with people while either fishing or looking for fishing gear.

Carlson was angrily confronted by a man named Dan Bailey.

Bailey posted a video of the confrontation, a move that was lauded by the left. In the video, Bailey claimed Carlson has provided misinformation regarding the vaccine that Bailey says “has killed more people . . .has supported extreme racism . . .is a facist . . .and (Carlson) does more to rip this country apart . . .”

Here’s the video in case you didn’t see it.

Mr. Bailey is a fly fishing guide; however, there are those who would suggest Bailey is acting on behalf of the CIA.

Who is this Dan Bailey? Well, it looks like he is someone with ties to the CIA. Is is possible that this was all just a stagged act against Carlson in an ongoing effort to spy on him and discredit him?

According to a Wikipedia article, one of the organizations Bailey is tied to, the TAF (The Asia Foundation0. We must add that Wikipedia is not always a reliable source. But it’s not just Wikipedia that has claimed Bailey has ties to TAF. The site itself says as much.

Now, are you ready for the shocker? Take a look:

The organization is run by the CIA.

Bailey’s actions would mirror those tactics used by TAF in the past, which includes putting out propaganda on behalf of the CIA. According to Jack Posobiec, this is exactly what happened when Bailey confronted Carlson. Posobiec is claiming this was a planned attack, and the White House is in on it.

Posobiec claims his evidence is based on a conversation with a White House official; although there is nothing concrete tying Mr. Bailey to any Washington officials, but he is tied to TAF. However, the timing of Bailey’s post is somewhat coincidental. We’ll let readers decide.

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