Sidney Powell GOES OFF on Joe Biden and His “Presidency” (VIDEO)

We haven’t seen much of Sidney Powell recently, but that’s to be expected after the Supreme Court completely refused to hear any case regarding allegations of fraud in the election.

But don’t mistake her silence for inaction. She’s still working in the background to fight for justice and security in our elections.

At this point, if she weren’t absolutely convinced of fraud, she would not be pursuing this still. What would she have to gain? I would say nothing.

I don’t think President Trump is paying her to just keep this going for no reason. If they all knew it was a sham, then they wouldn’t be spending time and money in trying to expose the truth.

Recently, she did an interview with radio host Rose Tennent and she discussed what she’s got going on with the investigation as well as unleashing on Joe Biden.

“Just realize they took the two most pathetic candidates in the history of the Democratic Party. A vice president who didn’t even win a primary in her own state. And a demented pervert, among other things, who can’t even tie his own shoelaces or know where he is and they crammed them up our nose with a fork of fraud so blatant that it is visible around the world.”

What would happen if this were finally proven to be a fraud? I guess they could impeach Joe Biden, but that’s only if he were responsible for the actions, which I honestly don’t think that he is. I think it’s Dominion and some key Democrats who are at fault for the election.

I also believe that there was some cover-up in Georgia from Governor Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensberger so it’s not even JUST the Democrats, but also a few RINOs as well.

Thankfully, a real audit is about to finally begin in Arizona and hopefully, this will be the first domino to fall, triggering a massive audit across the country to expose the truth that President Trump did in fact win the 2020 election.

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