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“I never expected to be pardoned by President Obama,” Snowden said on Tuesday.

Edward Snowden, NSA leaker, stated that intel he has from contacts he had within the White House during Obama’s presidency, “we’ve come to understand that Obama was personally wounded as a result of these disclosures”, which made Snowden seek asylum outside of the country.

This revelation was broght to light during a Q&A with Snowden during his keynote address at an Estoril Conference.

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Snowden, however, disputed this notion saying, “I don’t think it was a likely case. I’m not even sure it was a possible case, because the president himself was the one most personally embarrassed by these disclosures.”

“[Obama] campaigned in 2007…on the platform of saying he would end exactly this kind of warrantless mass surveillance,” Snowden continued. “In secret, instead of ending this programs, he entrenched them and expanded them. He made their reach greater, he made their use more common, he normalized what had been an unlawful and unpopular program of the George Bush administration and made it a new American tradition.”

“Being exposed in that way was extremely damaging for [Obama’s] legacy on the civil liberties side,” he added.

“It would be an admission of wrongdoing if [Obama] were to use his pardon powers,” Snowden concluded.