Soros-Backed DA Drops Felony Charges Against Man Who Attacked Dave Chappelle with a Knife

I’m sorry to have to break the news to you, but I was right. I predicted this outcome because the city where the crime against Dave Chappelle occurred has liberal prosecutors who were crooked and stupid enough to let criminals be criminals.

What kind of world do we live in when you can tackle someone with a deadly weapon and it is not considered a felony? Then again, that’s America in 2022 for you, too. I hate what this country has become.

Joe Rogan posted the story headline which read, “L.A. District Attorney Declines Felony Charges for Suspect in Dave Chappelle Hollywood Bowl Attack”


Under the headline it reads, “Prosecutors determined that while criminal conduct occurred, the evidence as presented did not constitute felony conduct.”

Rogan said on the post,

“When you see that a person commits a clear crime, and does it to one of the most loved performers alive, and does it in a very high profile public setting, and it gets captured on video, and you don’t charge that person for what they obviously did, it’s the kind of thing that makes people lose faith in law enforcement.”…“That’s never good.”

As it turns out, the District Attorney who is refusing to pursue felony charges is yet another DA backed by George Soros.

This is why local elections are so important, even more important than federal election to be honest. Because there is at least the principle of interposition in which the local authorities have the ability in many cases interpose for the people of his jurisdiction and refuse to follow tyrannical orders from higher up the chain.

A case of this happened a few years ago in Virginia when the Governor was threatening to enact strict gun laws. What actually happened is that I think every county in the state, except for one because a 2nd Amendment sanctuary, in which strict gun laws would not be enforced in their counties. This was a result of the sheriffs of the counties stepping up to the plate for the people.

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