South Korea and the United States Retaliate After North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is, as I’ve said many times before, the bully on the playground who threatens everyone but doesn’t do anything about it. He talks a big game, but doesn’t follow it up with action.

Earlier this week, North Korea launched a missile over the airspace of Japan and into the Pacific Ocean. This is the equivalent of the bully on the playground picking up rocks and throwing them in your direction, but not trying to hit you, just trying to intimidate you.

People in Japan were terrified after the air raid sirens sounded and people all over the country were warned to seek shelter immediately.

The Daily Wire reported,

The U.S. and South Korea fired several missiles late on Tuesday in responses to North Korea’s provocation earlier this week in firing a ballistic missile over Japan.

The Japanese government broadcast a warning across the country early Tuesday morning local time after North Korea fired the missile in the direction of the northern part of the country, an apparent escalation. The missile eventually flew overhead and continued into the Pacific Ocean. It was the fifth missile launch in the past 10 days and the 23rd launch since the start of the year.

The U.S. and South Korea fired four surface-to-surface missiles in response to North Korea’s latest nuclear provocation, according to a report from Yonhap News Agency.

This isn’t the first time that the U.S. and South Korea have fired some missiles in response to North Korean action. Earlier this summer, the Hermit Kingdom fired either short-range ballistic missiles toward the East Sea. In response, South Korea launches seven missiles back and the United States launched one.

Ever since Joe Biden took control of the reins, North Korea has responded accordingly by ignoring anything Joe Biden says. Anytime he says something, the White House just ends up having to walk it back so that he doesn’t start World War III.

Nobody takes action against North Korea because as of right now, they haven’t done anything other than make threats. Who knows if and when that may change in the future.

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