State Legislature Passes Bill to Make It Harder to Cheat in Elections

Based on what we saw in the November election, and even the election in Georgia after that, states need to really crack down and ensure that their own states are holding fair elections.

Some states have taken the initiative and have put in place measures to make sure that what we saw last year doesn’t happen again.

Florida State Legislature has passed a bill that will help prevent people from cheating in elections going forward.

But of course, the Democrats want to claim that this is only going to make it harder for people to vote which is a flat out lie, just like everything else that comes out of their mouths.

In fact, here’s what Andrew Goodman said on Twitter:

Breaking Voting Rights News: Florida Senate just passed #SB90, a Georgia-style voter suppression bill that criminalizes giving food and water to voters in line, severely restricts mail ballot drop boxes, and makes it harder to vote by mail.
#VotingRightsNews #Florida

Kyle Griffin from MSNBC tweeted,

Florida’s Republican-led Senate just advanced a restrictive voting bill that includes limits on casting ballots by mail and drop boxes over the concerns of voting-rights activists, who say the bill will create significant new barriers to voters.

But let’s take a look at what is in this bill and see if they’re just shooting off at the mouth or if they’ve got a valid argument.

One thing is that it would require an ID for mail-in voting, just like they already do in person. This is something the majority of the country agrees upon doing. This doesn’t suppress voting by any means because anyone and everyone can get some form of ID.

The Democrats claim that the bill makes it harder for voters to mail their ballots by making it harder to access drop boxes. The truth is that they are staffing the drop boxes to ensure security, plus they can still just use their own mailbox.

There is much more to this bill, but none of their arguments hold any water.

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