Supreme Court Offers a SURPRISING Ruling on the TSA Airline Mask Requirement

The current U.S. Supreme Court hasn’t been afraid to consider contentious issues and render daring opinions. The Court has made rulings based on fundamental principles of the United States Constitution, notwithstanding the radical left’s baseless claims that they are skewed.

When they overturned the abortion precedent established by the hotly contested Roe v. Wade case, the Supreme Court justices showed judicial prudence.  The ruling did not make abortion illegal, despite what the left would like the public to believe.

Parrots on the left try to convince everyone that it did, but they are lying. The judgment did nothing more than give each state’s choice back, which is where it should have been all along. The current Supreme Court of nine justices has also issued other landmark rulings.

They have not always agreed. However, in digesting most of the final results, the constitution stood as their benchmark. Nevertheless, a recent decision seems to run contrary to these recent trends. This case involves the hotly disputed mandate for wearing masks during COVID-19.

Hundreds of learned medical professionals and scientists have roundly disputed the efficacy of wearing a face covering as a preventive measure against the virus. There’s a general consensus that they do not work, and they never did.

However, even in one of the cleanest air environments in the world – an airplane cabin – the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has ordered all passengers to wear a mask. Since the TSA is an arm of the federal government, this seems like a bizarre coincidence.

Previously, a Washington, D.C. District Court of Appeals ruled that the TSA has the authority to force airline travelers to wear masks. The ruling was challenged. A California lawyer filed suit against the mask requirement on both airplanes and trains. In the case, Corbett v. TSA, Corbett lost.

The U.S. D.C. Court of Appeals ruled that the TSA had broad authority to maintain security and safety during national emergencies. After a federal judge in a separate case said the requirement exceeded the agency’s power, the TSA scrapped its mask mandate in April.

But if we dig deeper into this situation, it must be noted that this mask mandate came from Joe Biden. It’s another in a long line of senseless pandemic mandates from this administration. One federal judge has already struck down the mask mandate.

Most experts are baffled by the decision. The Supreme Court didn’t really offer an opinion on the constitutional viability of such a mandate. They simply deflected back to the D.C. court’s decision. We suppose, as senseless as it is, that if we want to fly, we must conform.

In reality, that’s what this is all about – conformity. With virtually no reason to wear a mask in an air-purified cabin, a mask requirement on airplanes makes zero sense. But then again, neither does much of what happened during COVID-19. Add this recent SCOTUS ruling to the list.

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