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Teen Visiting Seattle Attacked Over MAGA Hat – Speaks Out Against Triggered Liberal

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Teen Visiting Seattle Attacked Over MAGA Hat – Speaks Out Against Triggered Liberal

Illinois teen visiting Seattle with his family was attacked by a triggered green-haired liberal over his MAGA hat. According to The Hill, Ashton Hess, 17, was on a summer vacation to Washington state with his family when someone knocked his hat off his head, KIRO Radio reported Friday.

“This guy just runs up and hits me in the head, knocking my hat off … he took off down the street with it, spit on it and threw it in the street, and he turned around and started cursing at me for no reason,” Hess told the station.

Hess wrote that he and his family were waiting for a ride outside of the Starbucks Reserve Roastery when the incident occurred. He posted a video on YouTube.

A woman can be heard telling Ashton, “you know what this hat means”. Alluding to the teen that he deserved the assault. As if the victim was at fault for simply wearing a hat. She adds “You can wash it off,” after informing the teen his hat had been spat on.

While still running away, the unhinged liberal attacker yelled for Ashton to “get the f*ck out of this city”.

That teen, now speaking out about the ordeal on Next News Network. Take a look.

The Daily Wire identified the man who harassed Hess as Eddie Jackson. Several tweets from a green-haired man who said he is “non-binary” show him boasting of the incident, The Western Journal Reported.

Clearly, Ashton wasn’t ‘tearing up’ as you can see in his video above.

Because nothing is scarier or more threatening than a non-violent teenager who happens to be wearing a MAGA hat so he must be a ‘white nationalist’, right? Give me a break.

Jackson’s Twitter feed is covered in extreme left commentary. Just more of the same violent liberal mentality we have come to know.


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