Texas Is Bringing in the Big Guns to Fight the Invasion at the Border

In reaction to the increasing number of migrant contacts at the Texas-Mexico border, Governor Greg Abbott has invoked the “invasion clause” of both the United States Constitution and the Texas Constitution and was announced in a series of tweets.

According to a planning document that was obtained by Army Times and The Texas Tribune, his mission along the border will include armored personnel carriers that are designed to carry troops into battle alongside tanks.

According to the order that was given on last week by officials from the Texas Military Department to the headquarters that are in charge of monitoring Operation Lone Star, the Texas National Guard will soon send ten M113 armored personnel carrier vehicles to the border. In accordance with the directive, some fifty soldiers will receive training on how to operate the vehicles, and state officials will determine ten locations along the border where they can be stationed.

The M113s are older vehicles that have been used by the Army since Vietnam. They weigh about 14 tons and can reach speeds of up to 45 mph on highways.

It’s exciting to see Gov. Abbott take such a proactive stance on border security, especially since the Biden regime refuses to do anything. The deployment of these armored personnel carrier vehicles is sure to make a difference in deterring illegal immigration and protecting our borders.

As we know, the issue of illegal immigration is a complex one that requires collaboration and innovative strategies from both the Federal government and individual states, but by taking this strong stance on border security, Texas has taken an important step towards keeping our borders safe.

It is now up to other state governments to ensure that their own borders are protected—using the same innovative solutions that Texas has implemented—so that we can create a more secure and prosperous America.

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