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The RABID Leftists Group That Attacked Ted Cruz And His Wife EXPOSED!

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The RABID Leftists Group That Attacked Ted Cruz And His Wife EXPOSED!

The extremist group that bombarded Sen. Cruz and his wife at dinner have stepped out into the light with a few ridiculous demands and claims of their own.

In the video, several protesters screamed “we believe survivors!” as Cruz attempts to leave the restaurant. “Cancel Kavanaugh for women’s rights! For every marginalized community!” said one protester.

In another video posted to the social media account, a protester accosts Cruz about his friendship with Kavanaugh, according to The Blaze.

“Senator, I have a right to know what your position is on Brett Kavanaugh!” she yells at Cruz.

The leftist group that posted the video of Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi being harassed and eventually driven out of a Washington, D.C., restaurant Monday night later added a chilling promise to Cruz, President Donald Trump, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and “right-wing scum” in general:

It’s not the first time a Republican politician has been publicly confronted, Fox News Reported.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was heckled and harassed at a Mexican Washington D.C. restaurant in June. A video posted by the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America showed a group of protesters shouting “Shame!” at Nielson.

Days later, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and her family were kicked out of a Virginia restaurant. The eatery cited morality and living up to “certain standards” as the reasons behind the decision.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., encouraged supporters after the two incidents to fight back against the Trump administration. She said at the time current administration officials who defend Trump “know what they’re doing is wrong” and said they soon won’t be able to peacefully appear in public without being harassed. She later backed off from those remarks.

Wow, “your votes are a death wish. Your votes are a hate crime.” So much for ‘innocent until proven guilty’. What’s more disturbing is their insane rants come AFTER Ford’s (Kavanaugh’s accuser) story came apart from the seams. With all four ‘witnesses’ backing out and denying anything ever happened.


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