The Real Truth About Democrats and Minorities

There is a rumor that the Democrats have been perpetuating for a couple of decades or so that at some point in history, the Democratic and the Republican parties basically switched on their view of the black community.

This is false. The values of the Republican party have remained the same. We’re about freedom and “just leave us alone.”

No shift ever took place. What happened is that they started pandering to the minority communities in an effort to garner votes, but their objective has always been the same, keep us enslaved to the system.

I would love to see more debates on simple matters like this. We need more public debate where platforms and ideologies are actually discussed and not evaded. I know that if you ask a Democrats about transgenderism or something like that, they might try to appeal to science, but they don’t know the science.

This is one of the biggest flaws with Congress making all these laws. We have people who don’t know the first thing about science making laws based on “science”. We have non-business owners making laws for business owners. We can computer illiterate lawmakers making laws for the tech industry.

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The truth is that the Democratic party has never been built on the platform of promoting the well-being of minorities.

You’ve probably heard the statement that it was the Democrats that founded the ΚΚΚ. Well, that’s true. Even back when slavery was still around, they promoted themselves as being “for the white man” while promoting the Republican party as being “for the neg*o and the carpet-bagger”.

The best reason they claim the flip happened was because of FDR’s New Deal. They like to tout that as being such a big thing for the black community to get them in the right direction. In reality, what the New Deal did was normalize and encourage single parenthood, infanticide, and enslaved them to the system. Now, they’ve become so dependent on the system that they can’t break away from it without something equally as big.

In 1934, the African American vote shifted to the Democratic party because of this New Deal. Why? Because they were giving handouts. “Come to us if you want free money!” is the cry of the Democrats. But they don’t realize that bondage comes with it.

I think there are two things that could dramatically fix race relations in this country. The first is to shut up the mainstream media and Democrats from stirring the pot. The second would be to completely do away with the welfare system, but we really would need to give them some sort of boost to get them on their feet. Job training and job placement type stuff, not free handouts.

Democrats care about minority votes, but not the minorities themselves.

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