“The Worst Car Brand Only Stupid People Buy,” Expert Mechanic Reveals Car Model As “Endless Money Pit.”

Have you heard the saying, “A boat is like a hole in the water where the owner deposits money?” There appears to be a connection between that piece of advice and one particular automaker. One vehicle, according to a prominent YouTuber famed for his automotive knowledge, is like a money trap.

Scotty Kilmer has almost 50 years of experience as an auto technician. He is well-versed in his field. Kilmer has a prominent YouTube channel where he discusses many automobile topics. In his videos, he warns viewers about potential difficulties with specific vehicles and provides helpful automotive advice.

Kilmer recently issued a caution to his audience, advising them to stay away from a specific automaker. Its vehicles, according to Kilmer, are a “endless money trap.” So, who is this automaker? Well, Land Rover repairs, according to a man with firsthand experience, may bleed an owner dry.

He discussed recent models from the British carmaker. One was a scaled-down version of the larger Land Rover. The crossover version incorporated the telltale attribute of being able to plow through snow and muddy conditions.

However, this model allowed owners to squeeze into the notoriously small parking spots in urban areas. It was sort of a win-win for SUV lovers. Nevertheless, Kilmer went on to forewarn potential Land Rover buyers of the big question.

How many mechanical headaches should owners expect? Kilmer was pretty blunt. He referred to the Land Rover as an “endless money pit.” To make his comparison, Kilmer used Toyota. Researching the Japanese carmaker, he uncovered “a list of 15 common things that go wrong.”

When Kilmer dug into the Land Rover, he said he found “like 85 pages of problems.” He continued to explain why he thinks the current prices for Land Rovers have dropped. Kilmer says that selling Land Rovers has become a challenge for dealers.

Potential new owners are now aware of how expensive they are to maintain. He attributes this disparity in mechanical problems to poor workmanship. Kilmer argues that “Land Rovers are the worst-built vehicles in the world.” This sounds like more good advice from an automotive expert.

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