This Creepy Photo with of Joe and Jill Biden is Going Viral

There is a photo that went viral this week and for good reason. The photograph was completely doctored.

What’s worse is that it doesn’t fit the administration’s virtue signaling agenda.

Ever since the (forbidden illness) unleashed its wave of devastation across the world, the United States has wrestled with mask ignorance. First, the primary spokesperson for all-things scientific about the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci, insisted masks were not necessary.

We’re all well aware of how frequently and how far medical science has strayed from that assertion. We’ve even been informed that three masks might be advisable. Rarely has anyone discussed the potential harm that extended mask-wearing could cause.

Shut up, put on your government-mandated mask, and conform. It’s been a circus at times. The lead clown has often been the man some Americans felt worthy of being the leader of the free world. The head clown is working to turn the entire country into his own circus.

President Biden recently paid a visit to another ringleader of the free world, Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn. Bozo the President both embarrassed himself and the science behind common sense mask-wearing.

“Trust the science”, has been Joe’s stock answer to any and all questions about pandemic policy. Some level of common sense must have crept into Joe’s brain when he realized the futility of attempting some Draconian mask mandate as a government order.

Good luck with that senseless exercise in authoritarian power. Since his inauguration, Joe Biden has been sporting a mask at every turn. He even wore a mask during a Zoom conference with world leaders. To be openly honest, that’s not a problem.

However, just to show full disclosure, not a single other leader in the group had a mask on. A mask was unnecessary. Wearing one would have no point and no supportive evidence from science. But good old Joe wore one anyhow.

He embarrassed a proud nation with his total ineptitude to what authentic mask policy should look like. Joe Biden is proving to be a buffoon when it comes to following the science. He is all about the public perception, wrong or not.

Well, Joe did it again. Biden visited former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, former First Lady Rosalynn. Video released by The Carter Center showed a commonsense approach to mask-wearing. However, when Biden and First Lady Jill left, they were wearing masks outdoors.

This isn’t the first time Biden has done little more than wear a mask for symbolic reasons. All good Joe, unless you’re attempting to get millions of people on board with respect to some sense of consistent common sense.

Also, what is going on with this photo? Are the Biden’s really giants? Something is off here. This photo has to have been manipulated somehow.

Joe Biden has turned something that could have helped unify the country and turned it into political theater. He violates the CDC mask guidelines on pretty much a daily basis. At every turn, we continue to appreciate that President Joe Biden is the poster child for mask-wearing ignorance. That’s fine Joe; we’ll go ahead and follow the science.

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