This Is Exactly Why “Anti-Vehicle Barriers” Don’t Work And Why We Need The Wall

Back in January when there was a lot of push-back from Democrats on funding for the wall, Nancy Pelosi was so adamant about there not being a wall.

However, she was willing to support some “enhanced barriers” like anti-vehicle barriers, just like the ones seen in the video below.

The Hill reported, “There’s not going to be any wall money in the legislation,” Pelosi said during her weekly press briefing in the Capitol.

“However, if they have some suggestions about certain localities where technology, some infrastructure [is appropriate] … that’s part of the negotiation.”

Pelosi pointed to proposals floated this week by Rep. Henry Cuellar (D), who represents a Texas border district, to build low-lying vehicle barriers and levee walls along the Rio Grande River as a compromise to break the budget impasse.

Pelosi suggested Democrats would accept the construction of such structures if they represent the most efficient and effective way to secure the southern border.

“Many places on the border there are cliffs, there’s a river, and there are 600 miles of something. Three hundred [miles] of them are Normandy fences,” she said, making a cross with her arms to demonstrate what such fencing looks like. “Three hundred miles of this so that cars cannot go by.

Pelosi is looking pretty stupid now…not that she wasn’t before, but we all knew that anti-vehicle barriers do not work on many level.

They’re definitely not going to stop people from crossing the border illegally, and now it’s clear that these anti-vehicle barriers don’t even stop vehicles.

All it takes is for a few men with the right tools to get out and move the thing out of the way so that they can just drive on through.

They’re not going to drive through our new wall I can tell you that.

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