This Man Goes Ballistic and Fights Fast Food Worker Over Popeye’s New Chicken Sandwich

If you haven’t heard or haven’t had one already, Popeye’s released their own chicken sandwich that is supposed to rival Chick fil A’s chicken sandwich.

People everywhere are raving about it. It even became a trending topic on Twitter.

Well, it seems that people get really upset if Popeye’s runs out of sandwiches.

Breitbart reported,

A male coworker got involved in the dispute, giving the customer a bear hug while two other employees slapped and hit him, according to the video.

The person sitting in the vehicle behind the alleged attacker who caught the brawl on video kept yelling, “Oh my God!” as the fight escalated.

The person who uploaded the video put up a caption claiming the fight began over the restaurant chain running out of chicken sandwiches, although it is not clear whether this specific incident was caused by the chain’s nationwide chicken sandwich shortage.

The viral brawl at the chicken sandwich chain comes as Popeyes rolled out its first chicken sandwich in 47 years. The chain introduced the chicken sandwich to compete with Chick-fil-A, which has won first place in a nationwide poll as “America’s favorite fast food restaurant.”

Can you imagine being this much of a low-life to get so upset about a chicken sandwich that you feel justified in jumping through the window of a fast food restaurant and fighting someone over it?

People run out of food all the time. You run out of food, that’s why you go to the grocery store.

If you run out of ketchup in the house do you start cussing and fighting your spouse? If you do, you’re a dirtbag and need to go get a life.

But otherwise, you just go to the store and get more.

Well, Popeye’s can’t just go to the store and get more. Their “groceries” get delivered to them by truck (usually once or twice per week, maybe more in some areas.)

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