Trump Supporter Infiltrates Antifa, Reveals Their Hit List (VIDEO)

Regardless of the lies that the left wants to feed us, Antifa is not just some fancy idea floating around in the heads of liberals in this country.

Antifa is a real domestic terrorist organization and they pose and real and actual threat to our nation.

They endanger police officers, elected officials, as well as everyday citizens.

Recently, a Trump supporter was able to infiltrate a branch of the organization in California.

One of the leaders of the online community of Antifa in the Sonoma County area goes by the name of “Marb”.

Marb has been involved in many incidents, including some of the big riots last year.

Infiltrator: “So, I saw that they were here, I read their manifesto, and I could tell that they were a threat to the community, and somebody needed to do something about this.”

The manifesto posted online for SoCo (Sonoma County) Radical Action or SRA says, “Do not hesitate, do not wait … the brick in the street is meant to be thrown! The paint in the can is meant to be sprayed! The cop in your head is meant to be k**led!”

The Trump supporter was able to join the group that communicates through the encrypted messaging app Wickr.

Infiltrator: “I said, ‘Comrade, you know, I, I want to smash the system the same as you,’ you know, make them not feel alone, because that’s what they really want to hear to know that there’s more people like them.”

He saved messages, documents, and recordings of their meetings.

The I-Team has learned the group’s leader who goes by the screen name “Marb” is a 25-year-old college student, who was arrested for “felony assault on a police officer” last year at this Oakland riot after the death of George Floyd; the district attorney declined to file charges. The Trump supporter says he made this recording in March, when Marb discussed naming the group “SoCo Antifa.”

Marb: “I think it’d be sick to organize something a little more extreme for national workers’ day.”

It’s difficult to tell if this next clip is a twisted joke or a serious proposal.

Marb: “It’s May Day, baby, like come out and take, take somethin’ over with us, I don’t, I don’t (bleep) know.”
Member: “Let’s k**l people. (laughs)”
Marb: “Let’s k**l some cops.”
Marb: “Yes.”

This is unbelievable and it just goes to show the utter depravity of some people and how wicked they are.

I really wish Democrats would just regain the ability to rationalize and have honest conversations about threats like this rather than dismissing them, ignoring them, or lying about them.


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