Trump’s Former Chief of Staff Has This to Say About Trump’s Chances in 2024

Mick Mulvaney was chosen by President Trump to serve as the White House’s acting chief of staff at one point, but Trump can no longer rely on Mulvaney as an ally as he runs for president once again in 2024. Mulvaney recently blasted his former boss, calling him “the only Republican who could lose.”

Trump formally declared last week that he would run for president again in 2024. A Trump campaign, Mulvaney continued, would be detrimental to the GOP.

Trump will likely win the Republican nomination because of his ardent supporters, according to the former chief of staff for the White House. He believes they can push him over the finish line using the “winner-take-all primary system,”

Mulvaney contends that the problem with Trump is that he will eventually draw attention away from Joe Biden’s poor presidency. He claims that this will help Democrats maintain control of the White House.

Mulvaney said, “That means the 2024 race is not about Joe Biden or whatever Democrat is on the ticket, not about inflation, not about world events, not about abortion. It will be about Donald Trump, the same thing we saw in 2020.”

He also shared his opinions on the upcoming election, claiming that nobody actually supported Joe Biden in the previous vote. They had a choice between supporting and opposing Donald Trump. The previous election was a referendum on Trump. Mulvaney added that the scenario might repeat itself in 2024. Simply put, he doesn’t believe the result will be different from what it was in 2020.

Mulvaney thinks Trump might be defeated in the primary by someone like DeSantis. But he explained it this way, “But it’s not going to be a head-to-head race. There will be five or six other people in the race and he’ll get the 35 percent that really support him and under the winner-take-all primary system, he’ll be the nominee.”

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